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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Few New And Latest 2013 Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Search engine optimization is critically important for any website to raise in the rankings of the search engines. For a business that offers a product or service, it is necessary to embody all the traits of top SEO techniques. If not, a business that offers payday loans will never find its borrowers. However, you do have to employ the best of the current search engine optimization tips that will deliver results.2013 SEO tips      

New changes and scores of innovations are devised each year. To meet the innovations, those interested in SEO should follow a few simple tips:

1.) The content of a website has to be as fresh and original. The search engines are only interested in fresh and original content. Duplicate content will be penalized by the search engines. As such, it is necessary to weave original material into any website that is created.

2.) Utilize any or all social networks that are owned by the search engines. Needless to say, the search engines will smile upon the links, articles and mentions on the social networking sites in which they produce. So, creating a presence on these sites is strongly recommended.

3.) Linking to yourself. This might seem like a strange concept but it does make sense. Basically, when you create new content on your website, you weave a link to your main page (or a sub-page).

4.) Craft descriptions to the images on the website. It would be a major mistake to assume that the only content the search engines note will be the text in the main content of the website. This is not really accurate. All the text on the website will be read and ranked by the search engine. This includes any text associated with the images on the site.

5.) Employ PPC marketing strategies. There are obvious direct sales associated with PPC ventures but there can also be traffic generation results which can help search engine rankings.

Most new and innovative techniques in search engine optimization are relatively easy to put into effect. If you take effective steps to employ these methods, you will find your website moving up the rankings quickly. Once you achieve such results, you will gain good traffic that can help a business succeed. Sites such as those offering
payday loans will reap financial rewards as a result.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Sophie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Why Viral Marketing Is Important For Your Online Business?

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing helps business to get high ROI (Return on Investment), the results of this marketing is very fast and useful. Once business has launched this type of marketing campaign, the results obtained from it remain for a longer period of time.  Viral marketing can be implemented in any kind of business; they help to gain access to millions of target audiences.

This kind of marketing allows business to interact with their clients personally regarding their brand. They can be used to bring brand reputation and brand awareness internationally. It also helps to get information from their current clients and potential customers, further this information could be very useful in making business decisions. Consider advice from an online marketing agency to manage viral marketing strategies for your online business. There are many advantages of viral marketing, which makes this campaign very important for every online business some of them are:

· Effective way to build your brand reputation: This can boost company’s product promotions; it serves as an incredible toll for your business which helps in bringing trust and loyalty of your customers on your products and services. They help in creating brand image.

·Increases targeted traffic: This campaign helps you to target specific audience and can attract more number of potential customers. The main aim of viral marketing is to get more number of visitors to your website and turn them to your customers.

· More number of visitors: If your website can get more number of visitors then more is the opportunity to get higher search rankings. It offers to create buzz of your products in the market.

· Higher profits: You can expect higher profits by bringing targeted traffic to your website through viral marketing. You need to implement different viral marketing strategies to increase your sales values. The following explains some of the viral marketing strategies for your online business:

o   Connect to social network channels: Social networking channels provide greater visibility to your online business. It provides an unique opportunity to communicate with your customers and increase publicity for your online business

o   Use bookmarking sites: To go viral social bookmarking is one of the best ways, chose which popular bookmarking site you want to use for your business and implement them.

o   RSS feeds: This is the valuable tool which can be used to generate viral traffic for your website. Send regular updates of your online business to your targeted customers. Many business blogs use RSS feeds to distribute their content to their targeted audience.

o   Forums: Participating online forums is an excellent way to spread your business information and attract traffic. With this you can viral exposure of your website or blog. You can participate with other forum members to have mutual benefit. Forum signature helps in bringing backlink to your website.

Author Bio:

This guest post was written by Shopie, a tech writer from UK who is into Finance. Catch her @financeport. Same day cash loans are instant loans which are helpful when you run short of funds.

Monday, 12 November 2012

5 Best Practices for Your Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest Post
Is it just me, or has the true concept of guest blog posting become convoluted? Is the real purpose behind writing a post for someone else’s blog to get links, or is it to help build your brand?

I think SEOs need to take a step back from the whole “link building” game, and refocus their attention on real, holistic marketing.

Gone are the days where you build exact-match links to targeted pages through mass-produced articles. Today’s effective guest blogging strategy revolves around building relationships, building your brand and earning relevant, conversion-worthy traffic for your website.

In the broad sense of the concept, as a guest blogger, you are a guest, and you should be abiding by your host’s rules! To paraphrase the rest of this post before we dive in to the nitty-gritty, guest posting is based on these criteria:
  • Work
  • Determination
  • Savvy-ness
It takes work and effort to create a piece of content that’s worthy of being posted on someone else’s blog. It takes determination to keep that effort going, and when a post is rejected, even more determination to work at that relationship and produce exceptional content for them again perhaps. It also takes a bit of savvy-ness (to coin a term) to make sure your content is exceptional.

Let’s break down the 5 tenets of this so-called exceptional guest posting strategy:

Find good opportunities

There are a lot of great opportunities out there, but the trick is finding those opportunities that are going to be worthwhile. If you’re going to be spending your time writing a blog post for someone else’s website, make sure that website is of a quality that meets your standards. Use tools in your discovery phase, such as Open Site Explorer and MajesticSEO to find KPIs that will help you weed out the good from the bad. You can also use Google Reader’s search box to find blogs based on topic, and search for those blogs with higher subscription rates. This metric will reveal the community behind the blog, and give you an idea of how far-reaching a particular piece of content will travel from that site.

Advanced search queries are also great for discovering guest posting opportunities. Use searches like [“home improvement” inurl:”write for us”] or [“guest author” inurl:blog] or other variations.

Research the target blog’s demographic

This is an important step, but one that’s frequently overlooked. Setting and executing a strategy is fast-paced, and many times the research phase of guest blogging is rushed, leaving the critical component of writing for the target blog’s audience in the rearview mirror.

If you’ve selected a blog about home d├ęcor as your target blog, take some time to research their audience’s other interests. If they enjoy reading posts about interior design, maybe they are also interested in family activities, parenting or food? Remember, your post should stay on topic, and also speak to the target blog’s primary focus, but weaving secondary and tertiary topics into the post opens the door up to longtail keywords and additional traffic, therefore increasing the value of your post in the blog owner’s eyes.

Read through some of the comments left by readers on posts throughout the site, and write down some common questions that pop up. The more you know about the site’s readers, the better equipped you will be for writing a highly relevant, clickable, sharable and linkable post.  

Build relationships

The best guest posting opportunities don’t come with an off-handed, random email pitch. They come as the fruit of a relationship, built by an extended period of selfless interaction. So, if you have a list of potential targets, start following them on social media. Retweet their posts, participate in conversations on their Facebook page, leave comments on their blog posts, and even link to their content from your own site. If a conference or seminar comes in to town, you can even take it a step further and ask to meet them in person. They will see the pingbacks, your comments and your name on their social media channels, and they will get to know you over time. Then, when the time is right, after you have helped them, ask them for a chance to guest post on their site.

Write content for their audience

The third thing to do is write your content for the audience that is going to be reading it. Ask yourself what the readers want to see, and refer back to your research into the target blog’s demographic. Is the blog emotionally based, or is it more technical? Make sure to answer the readers’ questions in your blog post, and you’ll likely have a higher engagement socially and in the comments section, as well as opportunities for future guest posts on that site.

Optimize your post

Finally, and this really is the capstone to an overall better guest posting strategy, you should optimize your guest post. Of course you’ll want to sprinkle relevant keywords into the content, but when I say “optimize” I’m talking more about more than just text.

Think about the type of blog posts that you enjoy reading. What keeps you reading? What entices you to scroll through the article, and keeps your attention span until the very end?

There are a few ways to “dress” up your content, including:
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Headings
Also utilize other resources to help get your point across and keep the level of reader engagement up. You can embed Tweets, Quora threads, Spotify playlists- if it’s embeddable and fits the theme, tone and personality of your post, consider it!

About the author:

Kevin Phelps is the founder of He has a wealth of SEO knowledge and experience, and is adept at key content marketing strategies including guest blogging.

Tips to Use SMO in Business: Guide for Beginners

            Social media provides many opportunities for individuals and businesses. It allows individuals to share their views, thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to the latest gadgets on the market. These days it has become essential for businesses to establish their presence in social media sites in order to improve their visibility and to expand their business. To ease this process every marketing agency has been offering SMO services along with SEO services to their clients. So, you can hire one such agency or you can do it by yourself by following some simple tips:

Create your profile on social sites:
You should select the best social networking sites to suit your business. Some sites suit some niches better than others, so it is better to choose the best that suits your site and create your business profile or fan page of your business.

Stay active on the sites on which you have created your profile:
Creating a business profile on the social sites alone is not enough. You should check out these sites regularly for the latest updates. Also respond to your readers’ questions and concerns.

Expand your group:
Choose your target audience. You can do this by knowing their interests and lifestyle. Find out about your target audience and expand your group

Leave your blog links on your social pages:
Whenever you post something on your blog then leave the links of that post on your social pages. This is the best way to direct your target audience to your site or blog.

Create good content:
Write quality and informative content and post it on your social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  If your visitors found that the content you produced is useful they will share the content with other members of their group. In this way your products get promoted.

Encourage comments:
You can ask your customers or visitors to comment on your posts. You can ask them by simple posing a question “what do you think?” You should then respond to the comments.

Comment on other posts :
When you comment on other’s posts there is a chance of you being notified. People who are eager to know about you will surely click on your link.

Organise contests or give away freebies :
People don’t visit your page or site until or unless you offer them something. So, try to conduct contests and reward the winners and you can also give away freebies in order to attract them.

You can also add a video describing a product or service of yours. This will work for sure as people love to watch something rather than reading. So, design a video which describes your product and post it on YouTube. You can also leave a link to your site so that the interested people can easily click on the link to reach you
Author Bio : This guest post was written by Maria Benson, a content writer currently focusing on ppi claims related contents.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Are Free Submission Sites Dead For Link Building?

Link Building
As an SEO, you probably know all about the free submission sites that are out there. There are article directories, press release directories, wiki sites, web 2.0 sites and more. Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, these resources have become less and less valuable. Article directories have gone drastically downhill and it seems like a good majority of webmasters are searching for something they have lost, blog networks.

Several months ago, Google infiltrated some of the popular public blog networks that were available to link builders and webmasters. These were websites like authority link network, build my rank, and several others were beginning to gain popularity as well. Google discovered these, and since they are against spun content and automated link building, they did what they could to de-index the blogs that were a part of these networks, rendering all of the links on these blogs devalued. Suddenly, all of the efforts that webmasters put into getting links on these public blog networks were no longer useful. Their SEO rankings plummeted, people were facing a drastic situation in terms of profitability with search engine optimization. Now, it seems like everybody is looking for private blog networks or blog submission services, in order to supplement their websites with valuable, authority links. The problem is, private blog networks aren’t the type of authority links that you’re looking for. Private blog networks are typically owned by one person, they can go down any second, they are not respected or valued by Google, they often use spun content or unreadable text when submitting your links, and they are dangerous to use. Obviously, guest posting and doing legitimate blog posts on high-quality websites is going to be the best type of link building that you could do. For most of us though, this isn’t something we can sustainably do on a daily basis. Therefore, free submission sites are an alternative type of high PR links.

Article directories

Yes, article directories are not nearly as valuable as they once were. However, there are still ways to obtain high PR links from article directories that will be extremely valuable for your website. For instance, instead of using article submission software to spam thousands of directories on the Internet, why not just submit your article to the top, highest-quality ones? By submitting to a select few directories, such as the top 20, highest pagerank directories, you can give valuable backlinks to your website. You won’t be damaging your brand or reputation, since you won’t be using spun content. It’s a much higher-quality way to build links, it’s safe and effective.

Think Outside The Box

Article directories are probably the first type of free submission website that comes to mind when you’re trying to find sites to build links. What types of sites can you build links on, that are outside the box and not the normal type of link that webmasters are looking to build? By finding these types of sites, you can build links that others aren’t, and finally be ahead of the curve. Below, you’ll find some unusual types of link building that can provide you with an edge over your competitors.

Document submission PDF websites

These are sites where they will host a PDF document for you. The document will be fully Crawlable by search engines, so you don’t have to worry about Google not picking up the links. Inside the document, you can leave one or two links along with your article. It’s also recommended that you provide an image or video, to engage users and attract some extra attention toward your PDF document.

Wiki websites

Why not establish your very own Wiki page for your business? By creating a business wiki, you can add this content to several wiki websites, so that you will have links across a wide variety of domains. Wiki websites are great way to publish some content about your business and products or services, while leaving a link as well. They can result in high PR, credible backlinks that will be valued exceptionally high by Google and other search engines.

Ultimately, there are still plenty of websites where you can submit content to and leave a link, absolutely free. By utilizing these websites and thinking outside of the box to find new ones, you can continue to rank your website in the Google search engine, without having to invest a serious amount of money or engage in time-consuming processes like guest posting.

Author Bio :- Save money and time with Cheap Sem Submission Service offered by WL Marketing. This Wlm Link Builder Company also provides advanced SEO promotion package for first-time promotions and moderately promoted sites.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Article Spinning - Is It A Strong SEO Practice Or Does It Jeopardize Your Brand?

Article spinning is something that had grabbed hold of the SEO industry and many online marketers see it as an absolute necessity when you are submitting content to several different places. In order to understand why these webmasters and marketers see content spinning as a fundamental aspect of their business, you have to understand their objective for doing it. The purpose of spinning content is to produce many unique versions of your article. For instance, if you take one article and you spin it and then submit it to several hundred article directories, and you have spun the article extremely well, then you will have a unique version of the content on each directory. Google only indexes unique content so by spinning the articles you will get more backlinks indexed by search engines like Google and it will benefit your site more than if you submitted the same article to those hundreds of sites.

It sounds good in theory and if everyone who submitted these articles took many hours perfecting the content, it actually could be a decent technique. Unfortunately, most of the people who use spun content also use automated tools to assist the process. These tools simply spin their content by using a huge database of synonyms. What this means is that every word of the article gets replaced with related synonyms. The outcome is a terrible article that barely even reads like actual English. As an example the phrase“ Search Engine Optimization” might get changed into “Locate Motor Optimization.” You can see that “search” has been replaced with “locate” and “engine” has been replaced with “motor.” By doing this for the entire article, you essentially ruin the content and make it meaningless to an actual human being. The only reason that online marketers still continue to do this today is because they are seeing results in search engines. Their rankings are getting higher when they use this content to submit to lots of places.

I strongly discourage using automated tools and spinning your content. If not today, there will be a day when Google starts to recognize people who do not engage in these practices. Google has said it before and they continue to say it with every update that they release, they are looking for webmasters who engage in white hat link building practices and do not try to cheat the system. Their goal is to only index and rank websites that have extremely high quality content and take great care to please the readers of their website. By spinning your content you are only filling the web with loads of invaluable articles that will never be appreciated. Additionally, getting backlinks by using these tactics is jeopardizing your brand and creating a terrible image on your company.

Author Bio:

An avid blogger and web content analyst, Charles Dodgson works for one of the most affordable SEO services company delivering quality link building and Internet marketing solutions to businesses and professionals in need of better search engine placements.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Optimization involving website boosts search engine final results standing is definitely a wide open publication magic formula currently. Every other e-commerce website activates SEO professionals to be able to improve their own website making this SEO pleasant to be able to improve on the web traffic. Consequently, just how do you create back links? It isn't difficult. Fundamentally, there are 2 primary measures mixed up in the optimization of a website namely On Page Optimization as well as Off Page Optimization.

SEO is about adjustments internet-based pursuits needed to accomplish higher ends in your search engine rating, essentially the most wanted coming from all staying Google. Being on the very best outcomes page associated with Google definitely indicates increased traffic quantity for the website actions lead to this specific massive search engine pulls almost 80% with the full on the internet traffic. Ought to be truth, On Page Optimization is actually limited to dozens of aspects of routines on all pages and posts similar to perfecting the prevailing written content, HTML code modifications, eliminate lifeless as well as damaged back links, choice of identify marking, meta draw and also key phrases. This may also contain introducing Google and also XML Web site Chart as well as other yet another systematic create. Moreover, On Page Optimization on the particular website is normally accomplished just once. On-line optimization permits the actual website to spot the requirements the consumer along with change the website to be able to provide your wants. On page optimization is critical to be able to extremely the information with the page also to tension on the principle key phrases being enhanced.

On one other hands, Off Page Optimization since the brand recommends reference these SEO pursuits completed off the internet page and also the procedure necessitates the back link building operate. That focuses on from returning back links with the aid of various building links techniques pertaining to distinct keywords and phrases. The particular technicality from the course of action include-the coming of fresh web pages, a proven way linking, listing submitting, free ad generation and also distribution, online video design along with submitting, post information development and also submitting, pr release development along with syndication and also book generation and also submitting.

Such an optimization is normally not really noticeable on your website nevertheless it has a huge role to advertise the particular standing inside the leading search engines end result page. The task demands typical enter increase from the website and should always be performed morally. Non-adherence to be able to search engine SEO regulations and rules may result in critical outcomes actually American directory website occasionally. Thus, the main real question is to recognize the proper internet sites this agreement you wish to identify back links. But that's not all, back linking with legitimate, large rating along with top quality web sites improve your website's potential for becoming one of many best search engine benefits.

Accomplishing prime search positions within the final results page associated with search engine don't require virtually any infeasible brief reduces however the right applying SEO techniques-On Page Optimization and also Off Page Optimization.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

What is SERP?

If you’ve been a little bit of research about how Search engine optimization (SEO) will help increase your website’s performance, you’ve undoubtedly encounter the term SERP. You’re probably wondering,

What exactly is it and what role does it play in SEO?

Contrary to everyday opinion (OK, maybe it’s not really that popular), SERP isn't something you apply to your pancakes. It represents Search Engine Search engines, the connect to the Web page that populates whenever you type a keyword in to a search engine plus it returns a summary of results.

The aim of any SEO campaign is always to enhance your rankings over a given SERP to get a desired keyword. So, honoring the acronym that's very important to SEO, we have found a listing of dos and don’ts that will assist you obtain the rankings you would like within the SERPs.

Select keywords you are able to rank for. If you’re within the travel business, it may look pretty tempting to choose high-traffic keywords including “hotels” or “airfare,” nevertheless the truth is that it'll apt to be hard to rank because of these keywords unless you’re or perhaps the Hyatt. Choose keywords your website can realistically rank for and will bring qualified visitors to your website.

Earn quality links. Among the best approaches to enhance your ranking within the SERPs would be to develop a portfolio of high-quality links that time returning to your internet site. Create great content that others will desire to hyperlink to and get in touch with related websites that could be considering linking in your site.

Research your competitors’ keywords. Will be the competitors ranking within the SERPs for keywords that you would like to rate for? Is it targeting keywords that you simply haven’t considered for the business? Research these keywords and consider the way you could possibly apply these to your SEO campaign.

Prepare quality content. Since the old adage goes, submissions are king. Good content contributes to natural links and search engines generally enjoy travelling to a minimum of 250 words on the page. But content isn’t simply for the search engines - it’s to your customers, too! Make sure to include content that may increase the value of your website from the customer perspective.

Unsure where your internet site ranks inside the SERPs to your desired keywords? Work with a SERP keyword checker including our Ranking Report tool to find out the way your website compares!

SEO - What is SEO?


SEO is among the most reliable steps you can take online, having your site optimized so how the search engines like Google will reward you by basically sending traffic your path. SEO isn't that easy, nevertheless the point is, in case your page is optimized both on page and off, you generally get higher natural search engine rankings, which results in traffic for you personally.

If you have stayed online recently, you might have seen the term "SEO," or "search Engine Optimization. But exactly what does it mean, exactly? "SEO" is really a term which is used to explain the procedure through which visitors to a specific website is increasingly generated by search engines like Google by means of SERP's. The grade of visitor visitors to a web site could be measured by analyzing how many times visitors who utilizes a specific search term in the search actually performs what is known a "conversion action." That's, how frequently those visitors buy, download materials, request information, or communicate with your website in a other method that indicates curiosity about the item or service your website offers.

In other words, SEO is marketing via an knowledge of how search algorithms work along with an understanding of the items human users might look for. The finish goal is always to produce a site which contains words those individuals will likely search while searching for information for example that contained in your site.

SEO is definitely a powerful tool online - use SEO wisely!