Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Are Free Submission Sites Dead For Link Building?

Link Building
As an SEO, you probably know all about the free submission sites that are out there. There are article directories, press release directories, wiki sites, web 2.0 sites and more. Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, these resources have become less and less valuable. Article directories have gone drastically downhill and it seems like a good majority of webmasters are searching for something they have lost, blog networks.

Several months ago, Google infiltrated some of the popular public blog networks that were available to link builders and webmasters. These were websites like authority link network, build my rank, and several others were beginning to gain popularity as well. Google discovered these, and since they are against spun content and automated link building, they did what they could to de-index the blogs that were a part of these networks, rendering all of the links on these blogs devalued. Suddenly, all of the efforts that webmasters put into getting links on these public blog networks were no longer useful. Their SEO rankings plummeted, people were facing a drastic situation in terms of profitability with search engine optimization. Now, it seems like everybody is looking for private blog networks or blog submission services, in order to supplement their websites with valuable, authority links. The problem is, private blog networks aren’t the type of authority links that you’re looking for. Private blog networks are typically owned by one person, they can go down any second, they are not respected or valued by Google, they often use spun content or unreadable text when submitting your links, and they are dangerous to use. Obviously, guest posting and doing legitimate blog posts on high-quality websites is going to be the best type of link building that you could do. For most of us though, this isn’t something we can sustainably do on a daily basis. Therefore, free submission sites are an alternative type of high PR links.

Article directories

Yes, article directories are not nearly as valuable as they once were. However, there are still ways to obtain high PR links from article directories that will be extremely valuable for your website. For instance, instead of using article submission software to spam thousands of directories on the Internet, why not just submit your article to the top, highest-quality ones? By submitting to a select few directories, such as the top 20, highest pagerank directories, you can give valuable backlinks to your website. You won’t be damaging your brand or reputation, since you won’t be using spun content. It’s a much higher-quality way to build links, it’s safe and effective.

Think Outside The Box

Article directories are probably the first type of free submission website that comes to mind when you’re trying to find sites to build links. What types of sites can you build links on, that are outside the box and not the normal type of link that webmasters are looking to build? By finding these types of sites, you can build links that others aren’t, and finally be ahead of the curve. Below, you’ll find some unusual types of link building that can provide you with an edge over your competitors.

Document submission PDF websites

These are sites where they will host a PDF document for you. The document will be fully Crawlable by search engines, so you don’t have to worry about Google not picking up the links. Inside the document, you can leave one or two links along with your article. It’s also recommended that you provide an image or video, to engage users and attract some extra attention toward your PDF document.

Wiki websites

Why not establish your very own Wiki page for your business? By creating a business wiki, you can add this content to several wiki websites, so that you will have links across a wide variety of domains. Wiki websites are great way to publish some content about your business and products or services, while leaving a link as well. They can result in high PR, credible backlinks that will be valued exceptionally high by Google and other search engines.

Ultimately, there are still plenty of websites where you can submit content to and leave a link, absolutely free. By utilizing these websites and thinking outside of the box to find new ones, you can continue to rank your website in the Google search engine, without having to invest a serious amount of money or engage in time-consuming processes like guest posting.

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