Monday, 12 November 2012

Tips to Use SMO in Business: Guide for Beginners

            Social media provides many opportunities for individuals and businesses. It allows individuals to share their views, thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to the latest gadgets on the market. These days it has become essential for businesses to establish their presence in social media sites in order to improve their visibility and to expand their business. To ease this process every marketing agency has been offering SMO services along with SEO services to their clients. So, you can hire one such agency or you can do it by yourself by following some simple tips:

Create your profile on social sites:
You should select the best social networking sites to suit your business. Some sites suit some niches better than others, so it is better to choose the best that suits your site and create your business profile or fan page of your business.

Stay active on the sites on which you have created your profile:
Creating a business profile on the social sites alone is not enough. You should check out these sites regularly for the latest updates. Also respond to your readers’ questions and concerns.

Expand your group:
Choose your target audience. You can do this by knowing their interests and lifestyle. Find out about your target audience and expand your group

Leave your blog links on your social pages:
Whenever you post something on your blog then leave the links of that post on your social pages. This is the best way to direct your target audience to your site or blog.

Create good content:
Write quality and informative content and post it on your social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  If your visitors found that the content you produced is useful they will share the content with other members of their group. In this way your products get promoted.

Encourage comments:
You can ask your customers or visitors to comment on your posts. You can ask them by simple posing a question “what do you think?” You should then respond to the comments.

Comment on other posts :
When you comment on other’s posts there is a chance of you being notified. People who are eager to know about you will surely click on your link.

Organise contests or give away freebies :
People don’t visit your page or site until or unless you offer them something. So, try to conduct contests and reward the winners and you can also give away freebies in order to attract them.

You can also add a video describing a product or service of yours. This will work for sure as people love to watch something rather than reading. So, design a video which describes your product and post it on YouTube. You can also leave a link to your site so that the interested people can easily click on the link to reach you
Author Bio : This guest post was written by Maria Benson, a content writer currently focusing on ppi claims related contents.


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