Sunday, 8 July 2012

Article Spinning - Is It A Strong SEO Practice Or Does It Jeopardize Your Brand?

Article spinning is something that had grabbed hold of the SEO industry and many online marketers see it as an absolute necessity when you are submitting content to several different places. In order to understand why these webmasters and marketers see content spinning as a fundamental aspect of their business, you have to understand their objective for doing it. The purpose of spinning content is to produce many unique versions of your article. For instance, if you take one article and you spin it and then submit it to several hundred article directories, and you have spun the article extremely well, then you will have a unique version of the content on each directory. Google only indexes unique content so by spinning the articles you will get more backlinks indexed by search engines like Google and it will benefit your site more than if you submitted the same article to those hundreds of sites.

It sounds good in theory and if everyone who submitted these articles took many hours perfecting the content, it actually could be a decent technique. Unfortunately, most of the people who use spun content also use automated tools to assist the process. These tools simply spin their content by using a huge database of synonyms. What this means is that every word of the article gets replaced with related synonyms. The outcome is a terrible article that barely even reads like actual English. As an example the phrase“ Search Engine Optimization” might get changed into “Locate Motor Optimization.” You can see that “search” has been replaced with “locate” and “engine” has been replaced with “motor.” By doing this for the entire article, you essentially ruin the content and make it meaningless to an actual human being. The only reason that online marketers still continue to do this today is because they are seeing results in search engines. Their rankings are getting higher when they use this content to submit to lots of places.

I strongly discourage using automated tools and spinning your content. If not today, there will be a day when Google starts to recognize people who do not engage in these practices. Google has said it before and they continue to say it with every update that they release, they are looking for webmasters who engage in white hat link building practices and do not try to cheat the system. Their goal is to only index and rank websites that have extremely high quality content and take great care to please the readers of their website. By spinning your content you are only filling the web with loads of invaluable articles that will never be appreciated. Additionally, getting backlinks by using these tactics is jeopardizing your brand and creating a terrible image on your company.

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