Sunday, 24 March 2013

New To Pinterest? Efficient Strategies To Get You Going

In the current era, people are well aware about the benefits gained from creating and maintaining a presence in the social media websites. Establishing a good name in these websites is something every business is looking forward to. Among all the prominent social media websites, Pinterest has also geared up to provide the webmasters with an efficient platform in order to feature their business. Although you might be are aware of Pinterest, at times it is difficult to determine where to get started; or it might be the case that  with respect to the suggestions given by the other people you might have joined Pinterest but you are not aware of the further course of action.

Before you take a step ahead, it is important to figure out what Pinterest is all about and how you should go about it. Pinterest is basically about image bookmarking and content curation. How do you build a presence on Pinterest? Here’s how…

Figuring out the names
Pinterest does not provide with official brand name pages therefore it is important to have the right user name for the account. You will be provided with two name options, one for your account name and one for your username. The username that you select will be used as your URL name however it will not be shown in your account. If you are creating a business account, make sure to add the business name as the account name.

Uploading a picture
Your profile picture must be good to look at, it must be attractive. It should clearly demonstrate who you are. If it is your personal account, preferably add your own picture. For business purposes, try to use images with decent colors as Pinterest features a white background.

Connecting to the right social networks
The best thing about Pinterest is that it enables you to connect with the other social networking websites as well. You can also sign in using Facebook or Twitter credentials and and an icon will be displayed that will guide your followers to the appropriate networks.

Locate similar businesses in Pinterest
The fact is that you are not the only one who is new to Pinterest.  Wide range of Pinterest users will accept that they will have to learn a lot. You can look for other businesses that can help you. You can reach out for similar businesses or simply navigate through the different categories you see.

Get what you need 
It is difficult to create a good presence if you don’t have the right tools with you. Pinterest provides with certain tools that will be very helpful to you. For instance if you install the pin it button to your browser and then you can start pining content from any website. If you are an iPhone user, you can also download the iPhone app of Pinterest so that you can easily access your Pinterest profile at any time through your iPhone.

Create boards 
You can create boards about the products and services that you provide; this is a great platform for featuring your business. You can create different boards for the product range and pin the images accordingly. Unlimited pins can be added to any pin board, make sure that you are sticking by the subject while adding the pins. For instance if you have a web hosting business, then you can create boards for different web hosting platforms like cloud based hosting, cms based hosting and so on.

Value the content pinned by other people
Pinterest is not just about pinning your own pictures to your boards. Just like you would do in any other social media platform, be receptive to the posts made by other people as well and share their content. This will help in reaching out to a wide range of people through Pinterest. You can pin the related posts to your board.

Pinterest is a great plstform that enables you to showcase your business and secure a good web presence. Above mentioned are just some of the ways of using Pinterest, if you spend some time daily on Pinterest you will surely figure out many avenues that will help you to showcase your business and connect with a wide range of people.

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