Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How Article Marketing Results In Successful Link Building?

Article marketing is a highly popular marketing strategy that involves the use of article directories for promoting the authors expertise of their markets, products or services on the internet. Well, nobody can question the value of articles where they form the base for quality and promotion, and this is what makes article marketing the favorite amongst businesses. In fact, no other link building method can be as effective as this marketing technique. Getting links to the site is a crucial part of every SEO strategy, which intends at boosting your search engine ranking, traffic, sales and business prospects.
Article Marketing
Article marketing mainly aims at increasing your website exposure where you need to submit articles to different directories. Generally, the idea behind using article marketing is to attract a lot of visitors by targeting article directories with good web page ranks. For this, many marketers or businesses go for submitting numerous articles to different article directories in order to improve their article advertising campaign at every stage. Here, the true challenge lies in ensuring that each of your articles is unique and relevant. In order to keep rising all the time in this competitive arena, search engines make sure to filter duplicate content intending towards preventing multiple returns of the same content matter in search engine results. Some of them try to dodge this filter with the help of article spinning that involves generating a number of article variations in an attempt to make each of them unique. This particular technique allows them to generate traffic through a single article from different directories. This may help you for some time, but later on search engines can easily make out that your content is irrelevant or plagiarized especially when they come up with updates. Original and unique content with a good marketing strategy always provide you with better results than article spun content. Where requiring a domain, internet hosting plan, and budget promotion is a part of most SEO forms, article marketing just involves making use of article directories as a free host and generating organic search traffic. In addition to traffic generation, it also serves you in building your authority and reputation. Let us see how it helps in link building in the next part.

When you submit an article to a directory, it checks out the quality and effectiveness of your article and then only publishes it. Once that directory approves and publishes your article, you will get a link to your site. In fact, if other website owners find your article helpful and relevant, they may publish it on respective sites thereby increasing the number of links. The author bio or resource box that your published article includes at the bottom can also bring in another link to your site. However, the quality of the article determines the true value of your website or business where it should be well-written, relevant, engaging and useful. This is the only way to boost up your visibility, ranking, authority and reputation by getting ample links through article marketing.

Although article marketing for SEO can provide you with effective results over time, do not think that using it for certain weeks will get your site to the first page of search engine results. Patience and consistency are necessary to get the most out of it over the long run. Proper planning is crucial where you should determine the number of directories you would be targeting for submission. You should consider and submit high-quality articles mainly to article directories having good ranks on a consistent basis. This may get challenging at times, but if you can get over it, success will be yours. Submitting at least one article per week on a consistent basis should be your basic goal. If you can do all this, nothing can stop you from building invaluable links via article marketing. Search engines give this thing the utmost importance, which can better things for you tremendously. In fact, the best thing is that these generated links are permanent. Only the website owners and you have the right to get rid of your link from directories. This means nothing can affect your links till the article exists. 

Although this is a slow process especially at the initial stage, article marketing is definitely one of the finest methods for quality link building where there is a high margin of success. You just need to work towards it regularly, and everything will fall into place for your websites or business. Thus follow the right article marketing strategy to improve things for your website or business promotion. 

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