Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Can Risk in Your Mail Deliverability?

Email marketing is all about engaging more customers and ensuring high deliverability ratio. But there are some measures that suck the life out of your email deliverability. You need to have a check on what is happening to your email list and whether it is getting delivered to right contact or not.

Who is risking  up your email address deliverability?

Web Monsters: Many web monsters sign up to your email list without actually opening it  or responding to it. They have multiple options to create temporary or accounts that are disposable. These web monsters sign up using sudo names and actually doing it with their real email ids. They have two three account and sign up for an email list they do not require or  which they never open. Even if they use their real email id they do not update when any change is made for further subscriptions. So, you may be wasting your resource to target them with your latest offers wherein you are just hoaxed.
Asking Too Many Details: Not giving real email address could mean a lot of things. The subscribers may just be intrested in your special incentive scheme and not wanting to share their real email address. The subscribers may not want to get into any commitment with your company or its offers. So, they would just give some fake email ids which they may may not even check later. Spare yourself from such hoax subscribers by just adopting few measures. Your sign up form must be very tactfully designed.  You must take out all the intricate details of the customers to avoid regretting later. Asking too many details can also leave you with unfinished forms or throwaway address.

Free Gifts leading to fake email address: Announcing free gift vouchers incentive to sign up for your email list may sound a great scheme to you but in reality may be not. Mentioning free gifts for subscription  to the email list again and again would leave an impression of not talking why people should sign up. Leaving the main product or service behind only promoting the free offer would lead to a fake email address. People would sign up for the free gifts instead of your offers. They would subscribe for the gifts not for your emails.

Why you should be concerned: Even after the throwaway email address what really matters are high amount of subscribers. This is correct, but that should not leave  you to be care free about the other concerns. The more customer involvement the more chances of mails dropping into the inbox than spam folder. If the inbox if full of email addresses that are not responsive then you can see lesser deliverability. Email address that cannot be delivered too also impacts the deliverability ratio

The above mention facts talk about the factors risking deliverability of your emails.  You cannot manually stop subscribers to use fake email address but make your email list alive to ensure clarity. Talk about what you have to offer if they sign up. How would your emails benefit them and why they should subscribe only to your mails and not competitors. These factors in your intail sign up process must be rectified for any start up errors.

Author Bio:
I am Sarah Johnes working at Just Validate as a marketing head specializing in append services and email verification


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