Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Main Failures of Internet Marketing

Every day many new commercial projects appear on the Internet. Their aim is to promote services and products with the help of the web. At such projects’ sites you can buy books, e-books, household appliances, audio and video CDs, different devices, paid services are rendered. But everything is not as good as it seems. Not all the sites are able to survive. The most part of owners will close their projects in 3-6 months.
Sometimes such people try to make a new site and it will be closed in some months again. Of course the owner of this project can’t be interesting why people don’t buy his products or service. In fact all they make the same mistakes. Here you will see the main mistakes which can lead to site closing.

The first reason. The advertising copy which is situated at the project’s pages can’t attract any attention and do not open the heart of the matter. There is no concrete list of the advantages relative to the similar products and services. Such copy may be without headlines and a prospective customer just looks through this text and goes away from that site.

The second reason. The commercial project’s owner allows the visitor to leave his site simply without some subscription to any e-course or mailing. He makes no efforts in order to make this visitor a potential customer. It is enough for him that 2 or 3 people from 100 will buy something. The rest of the visitors will forget about his project forever.

The third reason. It is not clear to the visitor who is the owner of the project. Generally the owner is an anonymous person, who has no surname, name, physical address, but he has his own electronic address.

The fourth reason. The commercial project has several payment methods, which are not handy for a potential client. Online payments can be received only through the electronic payment systems or only through the bank transfer. It is not always convenient for the customer. If there are no suitable payment systems on the site the visitor can just refuse from using it.

The fifth reason. If your project is settled on a free hosting it is really silly of you. Many owners of the commercial projects think that for doing business online they just need to set the site on a free hosting. But it isn’t so.

A prospective buyer thinks another way. If you sell some goods but you don’t have money for rendering any paid hosting your clients will be sure that you are a fraudster.

The sixth reason. Your commercial project doesn’t attract the target audience. As a rule the counters on the site go off-scale but you have no sales. Your site gets untargeted visitors by using all sorts of active promotion ways. If you want to get some profit you should direct only targeted visitors to your site.

The seventh reason. The site’s owner doesn’t make constant testing of the advertising copy of the product or service. He doesn’t change its description and title. You shouldn’t use the only variant of the advertising copy.

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