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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Main Failures of Internet Marketing

Every day many new commercial projects appear on the Internet. Their aim is to promote services and products with the help of the web. At such projects’ sites you can buy books, e-books, household appliances, audio and video CDs, different devices, paid services are rendered. But everything is not as good as it seems. Not all the sites are able to survive. The most part of owners will close their projects in 3-6 months.
Sometimes such people try to make a new site and it will be closed in some months again. Of course the owner of this project can’t be interesting why people don’t buy his products or service. In fact all they make the same mistakes. Here you will see the main mistakes which can lead to site closing.

The first reason. The advertising copy which is situated at the project’s pages can’t attract any attention and do not open the heart of the matter. There is no concrete list of the advantages relative to the similar products and services. Such copy may be without headlines and a prospective customer just looks through this text and goes away from that site.

The second reason. The commercial project’s owner allows the visitor to leave his site simply without some subscription to any e-course or mailing. He makes no efforts in order to make this visitor a potential customer. It is enough for him that 2 or 3 people from 100 will buy something. The rest of the visitors will forget about his project forever.

The third reason. It is not clear to the visitor who is the owner of the project. Generally the owner is an anonymous person, who has no surname, name, physical address, but he has his own electronic address.

The fourth reason. The commercial project has several payment methods, which are not handy for a potential client. Online payments can be received only through the electronic payment systems or only through the bank transfer. It is not always convenient for the customer. If there are no suitable payment systems on the site the visitor can just refuse from using it.

The fifth reason. If your project is settled on a free hosting it is really silly of you. Many owners of the commercial projects think that for doing business online they just need to set the site on a free hosting. But it isn’t so.

A prospective buyer thinks another way. If you sell some goods but you don’t have money for rendering any paid hosting your clients will be sure that you are a fraudster.

The sixth reason. Your commercial project doesn’t attract the target audience. As a rule the counters on the site go off-scale but you have no sales. Your site gets untargeted visitors by using all sorts of active promotion ways. If you want to get some profit you should direct only targeted visitors to your site.

The seventh reason. The site’s owner doesn’t make constant testing of the advertising copy of the product or service. He doesn’t change its description and title. You shouldn’t use the only variant of the advertising copy.

About the author: Paul Smith is an interesting person to talk to. If you want to get more information concerning the subject of his writing, you are welcome to majesticessay, where he is currently working.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Using LinkedIn for Online Marketing/SEO

More so than any other social network, your number of connections on LinkedIn is a significant contributing factor to your profile being discoverable. LinkedIn operates through various “degrees” of connections, with 1st degree connections being users who are directly connected to your LinkedIn profile, and 2nd degree connections being users who share a mutual connection with you but aren’t connected to your profile themselves. These various degrees of connections can become especially useful when browsing through LinkedIn’s Job section, as users can sort through job listings with their own connections in mind. It is possible to list only jobs that were posted by your connections, either of the 1st or 2nd degree.

Career networking strategies are just one reason why your LinkedIn profile should be optimized to the fullest.Even if you are seeking to promote your current brand, as opposed to seeking new work, LinkedIn can be a valuable asset in enhancing both the visibility of you and your brand or company. Here are some tips that can contribute immensely to using LinkedIn for online marketing and SEO:

Make Sure Your Profile Is 100% Complete, While Remaining Concise And Inviting

Completing your profile should be your first priority. Make sure to elaborate your background. Education information should include the school you graduated from, in addition to the year and field of study. Your work experience should include bulleted points of tasks and skills applied, with the summary section neatly describing your skills. Do not write too much, as it will scare off some users and confuse search engines. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Creatively Emphasize Your Skills Through Detailed Keywords

A fully complete profile will bring at least a handful of organic views every week on its own. Going beyond this requires keyword tinkering. Completing your profile and making niche-appropriate connections is the best way to increase your profile’s visibility, but targeting search engines with unique keywords is another recommended maneuver. Change bland position titles like "Regional Manager" to something like "Regional Manager of Marketing Optimization", in order to separate yourself from others on search engine rankings. This is similar to web site topics; you are much more likely to draw search engine hits if your site’s keywords are geared toward something like “private alcohol rehab center”, as opposed to just “rehab center.”

Recommend Others, And They May Do The Same

Sites like Stormphorst assert the importance of recommendations on LinkedIn. Over 10 recommendations can allegedly elevate your profile. Reach out to previous clients, co-workers, and friends, and recommend them. Don’t ask for a recommendation in return. LinkedIn’s system automatically notifies them of the recommendation, and provides the option to recommend you back. In most cases, if you worked well previously together, they will.

The Little Things Matter

In addition to completing your profile, emphasizing detailed keywords (without over stuffing them), and recommending others, there are aspects of your profile that may seem minor, but will contribute effectively in the long run.These include: 
  • Setting your profile on Display All Information
  • Participating in group discussions
  • Linking to your LinkedIn profile on your web site and social media
  • Interacting sincerely with your connections, without being self-promotional
  • Setting a customizable profile URL, hopefully with a topical keyword included

All these tips will improve your LinkedIn visibility in no time.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Boost The Results with Your Wordpress SEO

One of the reasons that so many individuals and companies choose to use WordPress for their blogging needs is that the platform is great for SEO purposes. While it is one of the simplest and best platforms for blogging and improving SEO, that doesn’t mean that you should remain static when it comes to your SEO! The WordPress SEO Plugin from Yoast is a tool that you might want to consider using on your site. How does it make things even better?

Does the Tool Work?

Wordpress SEO
First, you will find that it does more than just take care of the behind the scenes needs for your SEO. You will also have a focus keyword, and this will ensure that your content is perfect when it comes to your search engine optimization. The plugin helps to make sure that your titles are a good length and that you have a good meta description. You will find that the plugin can make writing your content easier, and that it can improve the quality of your site. It’s easy to integrate social media with your blog with the plugin, as well.

Quite a few people are using the plugin and they find that it works quite well for their needs. It makes focusing on SEO easier for them, and that’s just what they want.

Other Options for Better SEO

Of course, you might not want to use the plugin. You have other options when it comes to plugins and widgets, but they may not be right for you and the type of content that you are creating. If you are going to be writing the posts yourself, then you will want to make sure that you are working with the best keywords. This takes some research, but it is something that you should be able to do.

When you want to get a handle on your SEO needs, you might want to call in the professionals. Even if you are going to be writing some or all of your posts, having a consultant who will be able to help determine the best keywords and the best types of posts to write can be quite helpful.

Whether you are writing the posts on your own or you are outsourcing, the end goal is the same. The better your SEO the better your page ranking is going to be. This means more visitors and readers, and that can translate into better sales or more clients. Your SEO is something that you cannot ignore.

Author Bio:
Veronica Clyde is a dedicated writer at – a website where you can read about VPN service and Online Security. She also loves to share VPN technology, Wordpress and Blogging tips.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New To Pinterest? Efficient Strategies To Get You Going

In the current era, people are well aware about the benefits gained from creating and maintaining a presence in the social media websites. Establishing a good name in these websites is something every business is looking forward to. Among all the prominent social media websites, Pinterest has also geared up to provide the webmasters with an efficient platform in order to feature their business. Although you might be are aware of Pinterest, at times it is difficult to determine where to get started; or it might be the case that  with respect to the suggestions given by the other people you might have joined Pinterest but you are not aware of the further course of action.

Before you take a step ahead, it is important to figure out what Pinterest is all about and how you should go about it. Pinterest is basically about image bookmarking and content curation. How do you build a presence on Pinterest? Here’s how…

Figuring out the names
Pinterest does not provide with official brand name pages therefore it is important to have the right user name for the account. You will be provided with two name options, one for your account name and one for your username. The username that you select will be used as your URL name however it will not be shown in your account. If you are creating a business account, make sure to add the business name as the account name.

Uploading a picture
Your profile picture must be good to look at, it must be attractive. It should clearly demonstrate who you are. If it is your personal account, preferably add your own picture. For business purposes, try to use images with decent colors as Pinterest features a white background.

Connecting to the right social networks
The best thing about Pinterest is that it enables you to connect with the other social networking websites as well. You can also sign in using Facebook or Twitter credentials and and an icon will be displayed that will guide your followers to the appropriate networks.

Locate similar businesses in Pinterest
The fact is that you are not the only one who is new to Pinterest.  Wide range of Pinterest users will accept that they will have to learn a lot. You can look for other businesses that can help you. You can reach out for similar businesses or simply navigate through the different categories you see.

Get what you need 
It is difficult to create a good presence if you don’t have the right tools with you. Pinterest provides with certain tools that will be very helpful to you. For instance if you install the pin it button to your browser and then you can start pining content from any website. If you are an iPhone user, you can also download the iPhone app of Pinterest so that you can easily access your Pinterest profile at any time through your iPhone.

Create boards 
You can create boards about the products and services that you provide; this is a great platform for featuring your business. You can create different boards for the product range and pin the images accordingly. Unlimited pins can be added to any pin board, make sure that you are sticking by the subject while adding the pins. For instance if you have a web hosting business, then you can create boards for different web hosting platforms like cloud based hosting, cms based hosting and so on.

Value the content pinned by other people
Pinterest is not just about pinning your own pictures to your boards. Just like you would do in any other social media platform, be receptive to the posts made by other people as well and share their content. This will help in reaching out to a wide range of people through Pinterest. You can pin the related posts to your board.

Pinterest is a great plstform that enables you to showcase your business and secure a good web presence. Above mentioned are just some of the ways of using Pinterest, if you spend some time daily on Pinterest you will surely figure out many avenues that will help you to showcase your business and connect with a wide range of people.

Author Bio:
Carol Wales, I like creating content on the topics like technology, search engine optimization and various web hosting platforms like cheap dedicated server hosting in uk. reseller hosting and UK vps hosting with ubuntu. My aim is to provide with informative articles that are of value to the readers.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

SEO Will Turn Your Site from The Phantom to A Real Source of Money

There are a lot of information about what is SEO (search engine optimization), what is the purpose of it, how to use it and so on. To my point of view, SEO is necessary for the web-sites, otherwise they will be hidden behind the new ones. The editors and administrators of the sites should constantly re-edit the information and upload the new. Moreover, there are a lot of companies that can help you to promote your site.

SEO’s peculiar feature is a great amount of advantages. I want to start with the fact that this is cost-effective as you don’t have to pay to any search engine for being advertised within it. Furthermore your site will be seen by many popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are no media costs and it offers you target audience, so that people will look only through your site. However, you should remember some principles to make SEO work for you and yield benefits.

First of all you should remember that if you have thousand of pages of information and don’t re-edit it, it won’t do you good and principles you used last year may not work in this year, so you should constantly work over the SEO. Initially ask yourself if your messages are clear, if everything is acceptable for your potential audience. Keep in mind that it is not an easy thing to promote your product, if it was, everyone could place their information wherever he wants. Search engines are checking your site, the information that should be solid and than it can update your information in their database.

The thing is that you should clearly realize what you want to achieve. If you want good results and promotion for your site, don’t wait it at once. The process of optimization can take from several months to year, so continue posting different stuff on your site, don’t be too nervous, and it will bring you profit.

Author Bio: Paul Smith works as the writer at He is full of energy and constantly enrich his knowledge. Adore writing and can not live without it.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

You Need to Have Quality Onsite SEO Content for Your Site

Those who want to have successful websites and blogs, and therefore successful businesses, must have onsite SEO content that is high quality and that utilizes keywords smartly. Whether you have a large site or a small niche site, your content really does matter. Having the right Professional WordPress themes and look to your site is just the beginning. A great looking site without content is nothing more than an empty shell.

You will find that having great content on your site is going to help you in a number of ways. When you see some of these advantages, it should inspire you to make sure that you have a site that is full of the greatest possible posts and articles for your visitors.

Content is King

Gain a Higher Rank in the Search Engines

Those who have plenty of quality SEO content and articles on their site will see that it can have an effect on their page ranking. When you use your keywords in the content the right way – and without spamming them into the piece – the search engines are going to be happy. By offering fresh, updated content regularly, you are going to be priming the popular search engines such as Google to provide you with a better page rank. They like updated sites and it can reflect in the ranking.

Keep Viewers Coming Back for More

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of having good content on your site is the fact that you are going to be making your visitors happy. They are going to want to read the content, and they are going to bookmark your site so that they can return. With quality SEO content, they are going to start seeing you as an expert in the field, and they are going to develop a higher level of trust with you. This means that they are going to be more likely to buy from you in the future. Of course, all of this really depends on whether they like the articles and posts that you have.

Gain More Social Links with Quality Content

When they do like your site, you will find that they are often going to want to tell other people about it. They are going to start linking to your site and sharing it on their own social networks. This can be a huge benefit for you. When this happens, it means that new eyes are going to be seeing the content, and it could drive them to your site. This helps to give you more leads.

Having social links also has another benefit for your site. With social links coming into your content from the top social media sites, you should start to see more improvements to your rank.

Stand Apart from the Competitors

What is it that your competitors are offering on their site? Most of the time, people do not spend enough time on their site or blog. You do not want to let this happen to you. Look at what your competition is doing with their site and find ways that you can offer better content.

Worth the Time

While improving your SEO content on your site is not going to happen overnight, it can happen. You can start adding more high quality posts to your site regularly, Engage with customers on your site, as well as on social networking sites. Ask them to share your content with others. This helps to get your information out to more people. When you make your site a place to be in your niche, you will find that your business can really start to fly!

Author Bio: Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the Premium WordPress Themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

How Article Marketing Results In Successful Link Building?

Article marketing is a highly popular marketing strategy that involves the use of article directories for promoting the authors expertise of their markets, products or services on the internet. Well, nobody can question the value of articles where they form the base for quality and promotion, and this is what makes article marketing the favorite amongst businesses. In fact, no other link building method can be as effective as this marketing technique. Getting links to the site is a crucial part of every SEO strategy, which intends at boosting your search engine ranking, traffic, sales and business prospects.
Article Marketing
Article marketing mainly aims at increasing your website exposure where you need to submit articles to different directories. Generally, the idea behind using article marketing is to attract a lot of visitors by targeting article directories with good web page ranks. For this, many marketers or businesses go for submitting numerous articles to different article directories in order to improve their article advertising campaign at every stage. Here, the true challenge lies in ensuring that each of your articles is unique and relevant. In order to keep rising all the time in this competitive arena, search engines make sure to filter duplicate content intending towards preventing multiple returns of the same content matter in search engine results. Some of them try to dodge this filter with the help of article spinning that involves generating a number of article variations in an attempt to make each of them unique. This particular technique allows them to generate traffic through a single article from different directories. This may help you for some time, but later on search engines can easily make out that your content is irrelevant or plagiarized especially when they come up with updates. Original and unique content with a good marketing strategy always provide you with better results than article spun content. Where requiring a domain, internet hosting plan, and budget promotion is a part of most SEO forms, article marketing just involves making use of article directories as a free host and generating organic search traffic. In addition to traffic generation, it also serves you in building your authority and reputation. Let us see how it helps in link building in the next part.

When you submit an article to a directory, it checks out the quality and effectiveness of your article and then only publishes it. Once that directory approves and publishes your article, you will get a link to your site. In fact, if other website owners find your article helpful and relevant, they may publish it on respective sites thereby increasing the number of links. The author bio or resource box that your published article includes at the bottom can also bring in another link to your site. However, the quality of the article determines the true value of your website or business where it should be well-written, relevant, engaging and useful. This is the only way to boost up your visibility, ranking, authority and reputation by getting ample links through article marketing.

Although article marketing for SEO can provide you with effective results over time, do not think that using it for certain weeks will get your site to the first page of search engine results. Patience and consistency are necessary to get the most out of it over the long run. Proper planning is crucial where you should determine the number of directories you would be targeting for submission. You should consider and submit high-quality articles mainly to article directories having good ranks on a consistent basis. This may get challenging at times, but if you can get over it, success will be yours. Submitting at least one article per week on a consistent basis should be your basic goal. If you can do all this, nothing can stop you from building invaluable links via article marketing. Search engines give this thing the utmost importance, which can better things for you tremendously. In fact, the best thing is that these generated links are permanent. Only the website owners and you have the right to get rid of your link from directories. This means nothing can affect your links till the article exists. 

Although this is a slow process especially at the initial stage, article marketing is definitely one of the finest methods for quality link building where there is a high margin of success. You just need to work towards it regularly, and everything will fall into place for your websites or business. Thus follow the right article marketing strategy to improve things for your website or business promotion. 

Author Bio: Numero Uno Web Solutions is a well known brand in Toronto Ontario when it comes to internet marketing. Numero Uno Web provides a variety of services including SEO, SEM, SMO, Content Marketing and Web Designing to its clients across the world including and, which are well known brands from United States in Finance and Health market respectively.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

How Social Media Optimization Increases Your Business ROI

Business to business social media strategy is mutually beneficial to get content on our blog. Good social customer care can help to increase your business to stand out and increase customer loyalty and rate of return. Social care is becoming more and more expectation rather than the additional bonus that businesses offer. Due to the easiness and familiarity of communication in social media, it is easy to see how people can prefer tweeting a company over picking up the phone and possibly talking to an automated answering machine. Social media users express their concerns and complaints about products and services. 

Some tips to Increase your business:
• Build your business network by connecting with other companies
• Show company profile, news, videos, jobs, events and ads to the world about your products
• You must find out who the recommended your brand is and who are not, both at group level and individual level.
• You need to know why customer recommended your brand or why not. And what types of brands are they recommending, if they are not choosing yours.
• So that you can build a comprehensive brand profile of different recommender segments and the individual recommenders.

Get the right social media marketing strategies as per your requirements by creating suitable brand profiles. Social media optimization India is the method of gain the success by online presence through the increase of fans, followers and users. Ranking development with great strategies by utilizing through the links face book, twitter and linked to perform them which will certainly reach you’re your business in new heights. The more profit you generate and get more valuable for your business will be. Increase your chances of having search engines by pick up your status that updates your profiles, blog postings, etc.The titles you use for each blog post, for each graphic or photo upload which has the keywords you want that company to show up in Google search results for.

Social media services are the best that means of creating awareness and is possible to win maximum traffic to your website. Keep the prices of products high with discounts on them to increase as well as talented and inspired members can bring on big improvements in business. Invest resources in increasing your sales volume. Improve your sales process and/or get some sales training, if needed. Successful businesses are those who take orders and ensure that the final product is delivered.Focus your efforts on your most valuable customers and give them the most affordable prices with best quality as they will always come back. 

Social media optimization brings forth new techniques and encourages for customers to get better optimization.The only strategy which you need to take care when going for social media optimization is to establish and mark online social communities and networks to boost your business.

Author Bio:
I am Steve John. I am a tech writer from India. I am very much fond of writing content related SEO niche like Web Analytics, Lead Generation Strategy, Social Media and Email Marketing

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Can Risk in Your Mail Deliverability?

Email marketing is all about engaging more customers and ensuring high deliverability ratio. But there are some measures that suck the life out of your email deliverability. You need to have a check on what is happening to your email list and whether it is getting delivered to right contact or not.

Who is risking  up your email address deliverability?

Web Monsters: Many web monsters sign up to your email list without actually opening it  or responding to it. They have multiple options to create temporary or accounts that are disposable. These web monsters sign up using sudo names and actually doing it with their real email ids. They have two three account and sign up for an email list they do not require or  which they never open. Even if they use their real email id they do not update when any change is made for further subscriptions. So, you may be wasting your resource to target them with your latest offers wherein you are just hoaxed.
Asking Too Many Details: Not giving real email address could mean a lot of things. The subscribers may just be intrested in your special incentive scheme and not wanting to share their real email address. The subscribers may not want to get into any commitment with your company or its offers. So, they would just give some fake email ids which they may may not even check later. Spare yourself from such hoax subscribers by just adopting few measures. Your sign up form must be very tactfully designed.  You must take out all the intricate details of the customers to avoid regretting later. Asking too many details can also leave you with unfinished forms or throwaway address.

Free Gifts leading to fake email address: Announcing free gift vouchers incentive to sign up for your email list may sound a great scheme to you but in reality may be not. Mentioning free gifts for subscription  to the email list again and again would leave an impression of not talking why people should sign up. Leaving the main product or service behind only promoting the free offer would lead to a fake email address. People would sign up for the free gifts instead of your offers. They would subscribe for the gifts not for your emails.

Why you should be concerned: Even after the throwaway email address what really matters are high amount of subscribers. This is correct, but that should not leave  you to be care free about the other concerns. The more customer involvement the more chances of mails dropping into the inbox than spam folder. If the inbox if full of email addresses that are not responsive then you can see lesser deliverability. Email address that cannot be delivered too also impacts the deliverability ratio

The above mention facts talk about the factors risking deliverability of your emails.  You cannot manually stop subscribers to use fake email address but make your email list alive to ensure clarity. Talk about what you have to offer if they sign up. How would your emails benefit them and why they should subscribe only to your mails and not competitors. These factors in your intail sign up process must be rectified for any start up errors.

Author Bio:
I am Sarah Johnes working at Just Validate as a marketing head specializing in append services and email verification

Friday, 11 January 2013

How to Get More Followers for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to get your brand's name out there so you can create some buzz and send traffic back to your website or blog. It's also a great way to build relationships with your readers or customers so you can maintain long-term relationships for continued sales and conversions.

There's a lot more to social media marketing than just throwing together a profile and sharing what you had for lunch though. You need to develop a strategy to grow your fans or followers, to increase your engagement with them and to funnel traffic and sales back to your site. Here are just a few ways that you can get more followers for social media marketing:

Follow Others in Your Niche

When you follow others on a social media site, it's a way of letting them know that you are interested in developing a relationship and to encourage them to follow you back. Many social media users will follow you back when you follow them.

Be sure to follow users in your niche so that you can build a targeted audience. You can find them by searching for keywords or by looking at the list of followers of a competitor in your niche. Follow and even send a message introducing yourself and encouraging users to follow you back.

Use Keyword Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to help other users find you on social media. By putting a # in front of a word, you make that work a hyperlink. When users click on the hashtag, they find other posts using the same hashtag. Therefore, if you use these appropriately and often, you can attract a lot of users in your niche to your profile.

Using hashtags is just like using keywords on your site: You need to do research to find out the best keywords to target, and you need to use them appropriately in your content.

Cross Promote

Want more followers on Facebook? Share your profile on Twitter. Want more followers on Pinterest? Share your profile to your fans on Facebook. You can get a lot more fans and followers by simply promoting your profiles to your other networks, including your other social media profiles, your blog, and your e-mail list.

You should also include badges for your social profiles on your blog and includes buttons for sharing posts on social media at the end of each post.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests are a great way to build buzz, and "likes" and other engagement on social media are easy ways to grant entries. Pick a really exciting or useful prize that your readers will be motivated to win, and ask readers to follow you on social media or to share your page on their profile in order to enter. With the right prize, you can quickly get hundreds or even thousands of new likes.

Don't stop at just one contest: Hold them monthly and watch your numbers continue to climb.

Create Viral Content

Social media is all about sharing. If you have great content, your fans and followers will readily share it, and other users will see it and want to follow you, as well. The key is to create great content. Before you publish a post or share an item on your profile, ask yourself if it's something that you would want to share if you saw it. If it's not, don't publish it.

Work on developing a content strategy that has the potential to go viral. Find ways to educate, entertain, or inspire your readers, and they will gladly follow you and find out more about what you have to say.

Getting more followers on social media is a great way to market yourself and to get more exposure for your blog or website. While it may seem difficult to get more fans and followers when you are just starting out, using these tips can help you to grow your numbers quickly and easily.

How do you get more fans and followers on your social media profiles? Share your tips for success in the comments!

Author Bio:
Kay Winders is presently the resident writer for, where she researches the best way for people to pay off their debts without damaging their credit. In her spare time, she enjoys freelance writing, the beach and gardening.